Itinerary "details"

This trip going to be as flexible, seat-of-your-pants as I can make it. I do have a round trip plane ticket, a rough itinerary for the first six weeks, and two hostel reservations (Merida and Antigua). Don’t know what about this plan will stick; surely it will change on a whim and depend on who I’m traveling with. But it’s a place to start.

On February 22, I fly into Merida, Mexico to get acclimated, chill, and explore Uxmal. From Merida I will move east to visit the Mayan ruins across the Yucatan, hit the Caribbean coast then snorkel my way south down Belize’s barrier reef, do some eco-tourism in the jungle, cross the border west to Tikal, spelunk in central Guatemala, spend Holy Week in Antigua with maybe a spanish class, and hike some volcanos. From there I will meander south (route TBD) until I reach Panama City and fly out on May 30.

Just in there first six weeks there’s a lot to explore (All pics from Google Images):

Chichen Itza
Panuchos in Merida
Great Barrier Reef, Belize
Lunch in Belize
Zip-lining in the jungle
Lake Atitl
Semana Santa in Antigua
Street food: dobladas de papa
Roasting a marshmallow over lava

1 thought on “Itinerary "details"

  1. I was a bit concerned having just read the previous post about safety, but I think the sights and sounds and experiences in all these pics more than justify your taking this trip — and this is only the first few weeks! w00t!


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