For love of lizards

Forget geckos, I fell hard for iguanas today. Out at the Mayan ruined city of Uxmal, southwest of Merida, they were everywhere; I must have seen three dozen and nearly stepped on a good many of them while tromping from ruin to ruin. Yes, I would squeal and yes it was delightful. Big suckers, yet they’d blend in with the brush until I was nearly on top of them. If you looked closely, you could see them from afar scurrying into chinks in the rock facades. I know I said forget geckos, but I didn’t mean it–I’m just so torn! Geckos are so cute and colorful and walk up walls. But iguanas bob their heads and scuttle across the ground so hilariously and look like dinosaurs. Seriously, it’s hard to pick a favorite, so I think I’ll just have to love them both.

Presiding over the Nunnery and Magician’s Pyramid.
Me, hot and atop the Great Pyramid looking down on Uxmal.

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