Tulum, a beautiful black hole

Women filter in and out of the bunks above and across from me. A different person or two every day, a significant number pack up for an early morning departure when they find their attempts at an early night’s sleep thwarted by loud music just below our window. Maybe this is not the right time and place for them. Over that time much of the hostel population has turned over too. Two nights ago brought in a whole new crop, which was refreshing. Finally found a gaggle of people to chill with at night, and many an old school card game played.

As they come and they go, for me three nights in Tulum becomes four, becomes five… I find it a friendly town with lots to do nearby. Without set subsequent plans it is just so tempting to keep adding another night. There’s no end to the cenote and beach days you can have. A day trip in the gorgeous Sian-Ka’an Nature Preseve to the south? Sounds fun. You’re popping out to ride bikes around the Mayan ruins of Coba? Can I come too?

The computerized system the hostel uses to easily add things to your tab (dangerous for other reasons!) doesn’t help. There’s an option to “add another night” and they tell you how long your bunk is open. Mine says “free until 3/22/13”. Uh oh…

Who would want to leave Tulum?

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