Good eats: la comida de Mexico

Source: Google Images

I had a lot of good food and drink in Mexico. I ate at all sorts of places: street carts, roadside taquerias, tourist restaurants, cafes, beach huts, and one high end treat. I cooked a few meals myself, shopping at small produce stands for fruits/vegetables and supermarkets for non-perishables. My favorite snack? Spicy sunflower seeds and peanuts. My favorite dessert? Dark chocolate coconut truffles. My beer of choice? Bohemia.

Here are some tasty highlights:

Orange braised pork, Merida
Carne asada tacos, Villadolid
Tropical fruit ceviche, Tulum
Bananas foster, Tulum
Pollo panuchos, an empanada, and watermelon juice, Tulum
Chile relleno and horchata, Tulum
Fish and shrimp ceviche and guacamole, Tulum
Tarte manzana and cappuccino, San Cristobal
Pollo and al pastor tacos, San Cristobal

And so many other bites in between where I either didn’t have my camera or was too hungry to care about taking pictures. Yum…

Side note: I had no issues with my stomach at all and never got sick. I’ve had similar experiences traveling elsewhere where this is an issue for other travelers; unsure if this is a result of my stomach being particularly strong or my habits/judgment. Probably a little of both. Whatever it is, I’m going to keep going with it.

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