Vice and gender inequality

Walking down the street in Caye Caulker every foreigner gets attention from the locals. But what kind of attention greatly differs based on your gender. As a lady, I receive subdued cat calls every 30 seconds or less along the main drag. Usually these are complimentary (“beautiful” “lady in red” “she’s so dan-ger-ous!”), but the other night when yawning while walking some dude said “you gotta big mouth”. Or, if I am carrying two plates of cake from the Cake Lady, “which one of those is for me, baby?”. Oh no no no, don’t even try to get between me and my rum cake OR coconut pie. Remember that big mouth? Both for me, I assure you.

My guy friends report they get offered drugs just as often as I get harmlessly hit on. And apparently the drug dealer pitches are AWFUL. “I got da best weed, we’ll blaze down the highway” or “I’m 35 and you look as old as I do. Have some of my weed and you’ll look younger and we can play basketball.” Umm, seriously? My friend Mark came back from a two-hour trip to San Pedro and his biggest impression of the place was the fact that there they tried to sell him cocaine instead of weed. I was there four days and had no idea! In comparing notes, we couldn’t decide which sex got the short end of the stick. “Just for variety, why can’t they mix it up? Offer you coke sometimes, hit on me sometimes…”

“I hear the reviews of the jail on TripAdvisor are *all* bad.”

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