Things that shouldn’t happen but do. What a pain!

My computer charger broke, again. Ugh. Don’t know where I am going to get a new charger. Definitely not on the Cayes, so my blogging will be more limited until I get this resolved and resume regular computer access. And someone stole my identity and has charged a bunch of money on one of my accounts. Double ugh. It totally sucks to have people steal my money by buying iPhones and iPods online! Pretty much the last thing I want to deal with right now, especially without my computer working. Oh, and did I mention that my backpack zipper split also? Need to head to a seamstress to try to get it fixed before I can actually move on. Anyways, just wanted to gripe and give an fyi as to the radio silence. More posts on diving (spoiler alert: I got my certification and am diving officially for the first time tomorrow :-)) and Caye Caulker coming when I am able.

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