Go slow, the rhythm of Caye Caulker

Yuma’s, home sweet home.

Some tourists/travelers get antsy in Caye Caulker after a few days, wanting a faster pace of travel and more accomplishments. I am not one of them. I love it here, “go slow” motto and all. My stay has evolved from three nights to over two weeks now, with room to grow further or come back later or both.

I like the small town (population: 1,600) feel. I find there’s always something to do, a different way to relax. I am getting to know some people who live here. I know which night of the week stuff happens–outdoor movies, trivia (which I won last week btw), when certain food carts are out, and more. I like wearing colorful beachy clothes and am getting a tan for the first time in my life. My hostel feels like home. Looking out at the beautiful blue ocean, just at the horizon waves crash over the reef as far as the eye can see. I’m cooking again every day. I stay out late with friends drinking Belikin stout and get up early to watch the sun rise. I play in the water often. My feet are perpetually covered in sand. I enjoy exploring the cheap eats food scene and knowing the scoop. I make new friends easily every day. I spend a lot of time sitting on the end of docks. Everywhere is walkable and it’s a pleasant way to travel, sauntering slowly down the street, smiling and greeting everyone I meet.

I’ve figured out how to live relatively cheaply here, aside from picking up an expensive new hobby. (As I keep diving, my lazy rest days help keep my average day cost down-ish. Without diving, I am under $30USD/day.) Wish I had more money so I could dive more often because it is so freakin’ awesome. I can see myself continuing to be happy here for the near term future, so I think that’s what I am going do.

UPDATE: I received a jolt the other day. When hanging out with a bunch of ex-pats around a poker table, I heard about some job opportunities that fit my skill set. Suddenly, it became a realistic possibility to stay. I was surprised how this made me feel: I felt the world shrink. I’m not ready to stop moving, no matter how much I like somewhere. I love being on the road, meeting other travelers, and living the backpacker lifestyle. I’m a rolling stone right now, not ready to settle down even if I do get tempted sometimes. Think this is a kick in the pants I needed to get me moving again. Well, once I get my broken backpack zipper fixed. (Triple UGH!) I can easily see myself coming back though. Blue Hole in July anyone? 🙂

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