I won’t miss you when you’re gone

Time for another rant. One of my biggest pet peeves is blind selfishness, which breeds irresponsibility and disrespect for others around you. Here in Utila and Playa del Carmen is where I have encountered the most careless roommates.

Dear roomie,

I understand you have been sick. But come on, a key isn’t that heavy. I believe you are strong enough to pick it up, put it in your pocket, push the lock button in, and close the door. Or you know, eat your very flaky breakfast on the chair right outside our door instead of strewing handfuls of crumbs all around the room. It’s also generally considered good dorm etiquette to keep you pack at least *somewhat* contained. Your phone is still in three pieces on the floor from when you dropped it two days ago. And there are three fans and four bunks; do you really need them all pointed at you? I’m very glad you are feeling better, but maybe next time you could not leave your vibrator out charging in the electrical socket next to my bed…

kthnxbye, Erin

Thank goodness this one is gone already…


3 thoughts on “I won’t miss you when you’re gone

  1. Hi Erin. Thanks for this blog — but I'm a little disappointed, because Cathy and I have now chosen to forgo hostels on our next trip.  Love, Your Not THAT Adventurous Dad


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