Snorkel vanity shots

I may be slacking on my diving, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been in the water. The dive boats still go out twice a day and always have room for a snorkel hitchhiker, especially one who brings cookies for the group. The only challenge is tracking down a snorkel, as they are often all checked out, but somehow I always manage. It’s a chill and cheap (ie, FREE!) way to spend an afternoon, and still be part of my diving community. The other day I had company of a snorkel buddy, Robbie, who graciously took some fabulous mermaid-esque photos of me free diving. Finding the little rainbow reef squid below was such a treat!

Photos courtesy of Robbie Labanowski.

3 thoughts on “Snorkel vanity shots

  1. HI Erin: The snorkel seems to be working to combat the ” “yeah”-mouth-open look in my picture selection ” that was so prevalent in the previous post. Looks like you are having a grand time on this adventure!


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