Embracing Americana

Traveling always makes you appreciate home a little more. There actually aren’t too many Americans on the road in Central America. Some, sure, but not as many as Canadians for instance. As an American abroad, it can be easy take an apologetic stance as people around the world make fun. Yes, we are a weird and crazy land that does weird and crazy things on a grand scale. The next step is joining in the teasing with more cliches: ‘MERICA! Fuck yeah! But in the end, I find acceptance–and a little surprise–of my own Americanism when seen through other people’s eyes, especially about the little things. I eat electric orange mac and cheese, and yes it is supposed to taste like that. I may get overly gregarious during a night out. I don’t know nearly enough foreign bands or world leaders. I hold my fork in my right hand. I adore Toby Keith and will sing at the top of my lungs to any song of his that I know, all day long. I have no patience for beating around the bush; tell me what you really mean. Apparently it’s apparent that I’m an American. Damn right. Because I am.

…but I still dig Vegemite. Especially on toast with cream cheese and avocado. 😉

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