Apparently I dig zombie flicks

Multi-day transport away from Utila, Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua went remarkably smooth… with one major exception: we missed our connecting once-per-day 11-hour bus from San Pedro Sula to Managua. By the time we got to the bus station at 4:30am the tickets were all sold out. Doh! So, what to do with an extra day in the “most dangerous city in the world”, which also happened to be sweltering hot? Go to the mall to catch up on summer blockbusters! And it was a double feature kind of day. My travel buddy Nick and I whispered wisecracks to each other throughout Superman: Man of Steel, then jumped, gasped, and giggled with suspense at World War Z. I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of zombie movies whatsoever, but I sooo dug this one. The zombies were awesome, Brad Pitt kicked ass, and it was an overall great movie. Bummer of a failed travel day = saved. Thank you, Hollywood.

My zombie apocalypse skill? Seeing that I have absolutely no combat experience, it’d have to be foraging for food and supplies, or administering shock treatment to Brad Pitt. Shhh… there there, everything is going to be alright.

The next day we arrived smoothly in Leon, Nicaragua. I anticipate this will be my last new country of my Central America trip as I intend to return to Belize and Mexico soon, so am off to explore (if the rainy season doesn’t give me too much trouble)!

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