Zen and the art of backpack repair

Ambition. Overconfidence. Hubris. All describe the over-stuffing of my pack as I headed for Long Caye. I would be spending a week on the remote island so wanted to bring provisions. Unfortunately, I chose heavy ones: wine, Quetzalteca, cookies, and books. All delightful, but not particularly travel friendly, especially when your bag is already stretched.

The inevitable happened. I discovered at the airport in Flores that my bag had split in four places: the top cover, near the left back strap, a snag-hole along the side, and–worst of all–an ENORMOUS 14-inch rip along the zipper that took out the entire right side of my pack. I got to work with patches, needle and thread, and my horrific sewing skills, making it up as I went along. I noticed the seams along both zippers were just about to go also, so reinforced them with bright blue tape designed to repair sails. It looks pretty ghetto close up, but so far all is holding. Cross your fingers for the rest of the trip!
Fancy new patch to cover the hole!

Blue kite tape reinforcement, glued and stitched on.

Giant side split now fully repaired with one of my better double stitches.
The question then becomes: if it does last through the end of the trip, how much more life does it have? Should I retire it or keep going?

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