Bored of beach life

I’m getting tired of the Cancun area. It’s been about a week now in Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres. There’s nothing I felt like I have actually done. There’s the beach… and hanging out, drinking, eating, consuming. I feel like I don’t actually want to just be chilling and partying. I want something special to end my trip, and this doesn’t feel like it. There are so many people on holiday, limited cheap places to buy food, all the shops are the same, and the hostels feel like factories. But I leave soon so it makes sense to stick near Cancun, right? Ugh. Unsatisfied.

I’m also thinking forward to being back in the states and getting quite excited about it. I’ve got friends lined up to stay with and see in San Francisco, tickets to Music@Menlo’s closing weekend, preparations to make for Burning Man and various road trips, ideas kicking around about staying in Seattle then continuing to travel abroad. I’m spending more of my time on the computer making sure my affairs are in order, reactivating car insurance, making doctor appointments, etc etc. So part of it is that I am checking out of Central America. I don’t want to lay on a beach and forget. I am getting ready for the next step. And the beach just aint cutting it.

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