Mermaid howling at the moon: gratitude for a blissful trip

The 5+ months I spent traveling in Central America have been some of the most rewarding of my life. When I left San Francisco in February, I headed off on my own for the first time in a very long time. (Anyone who is considering a trip for any reason, I must say GO as soon and for as long as possible!) Since then, I have grown, explored, and had the adventure of a lifetime. The experience changed me–I feel more myself and am addicted to traveling. Though my travels in Central America have ended, I am still moving. I laughed when people said I may not come back, but now I believe my adventure is far from over.

Traveling removes the glut of minutia that can so easily take over a life. How much energy do you spend on the little things that don’t really matter? There’s an intensity to letting things go. What will fill the silence? On this trip, my energy turned towards making new friends, falling in love with myself and others, and being in tune with the amazing natural world around me. I paid far more attention to the sunrise, sunset, and the night sky than in my “normal” life. The moon became a force of rhythm in my life; the night of the May full moon in Utila I was called/drawn/pulled from bed to the lagoon boardwalk three times during the night to howl at the sky. My dreams took on a realism partway through the trip that continues to haunt my nights.

Also powerful has been my attraction to and connection with water. First falling in love with cenotes in the Yucatan, to the gorgeous shores of Lake Atitlan, to the thrill of Semuc Champey, to learning to dive in Caye Caulker, to embracing diver culture in Utila, to the fourth of July on Lake Nicaragua, to returning to Belize and Mexico to dive Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef and the cenotes that sparked my passion for diving. Diving in particular filled my days with learning, adventure, peace, friendship, and fun. It has been a surprise joy to discover a entirely new side of the world and community of kindred explorers.

Though “solo” I’ve been far from alone. The most meaningful and hopefully lasting part of my trip have been the people I have met along the way. My fellow travelers are crazy kick ass fantastic people I feel so lucky to have met. You all made this an awesome trip where I’ve adventured, grown, and had so much freakin’ fun! I feel fortunate to have connected with so many truly cool people and experienced fantastical moments with them along the way. I cannot thank you enough for the mark each of you has made on my journey. I hope to cross paths again elsewhere in the world, another time another place. 🙂

Yours with gratitude, friendship, and love,


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