October in New York City

As part of my autumn in America, I am spending the month of October in New York City. I’ve visited many times before, but always for short periods, a long weekend at most. I’ve been curious in recent years to test out what it would be like living in NYC. There’s always so much to do… what’s it like to live it day in and day out? I was eager to have the chance to do a variety of “normal” NYC things instead of only having time to do big stuff.

Best of all, I have more friends in New York than any other place: Wellesley sisters, Music@Menlo colleagues turned friends, Burning Man campmates. Three very different groups that I all adore. And who have open and willing couches to so kindly host me for a night or two.

I find New York to feel much like the Playa: there is way too much going on all at once for you to ever feel like you ever scratch the surface. FOMO can be serious. I try to roll with what is given to me and not regret what I can’t or don’t do. I stay up until 3am virtually every night, often with double or triple booked engagements for the night. It’s brilliant. I feel like an insomniac, but tell myself I’m just staying on West Coast time.

I’ve been here almost two weeks and have done so much:

  • Helped a friend move – my tasks included making the scale drawing of the new space, unpacking and stocking the kitchen, and trying to do what I’m told
  • Ate many bialys, some even with blueberry cream cheese (if I’m feeling crazy)
  • Attended a home brew party, with surprise guest Sibbi Bernhardsson
  • Had the best ramen of my life with Wellesley squashers 
  • Saw Yoko Ono front the Flaming Lips with some of my Sacred Cows
  • Laughed at a one-man comedy show at Underground Comedy Brigade
  • Enjoyed the beautiful Indian summer weather
  • Ninja drank beers in Central Park while reconnecting with a Guatemala travel buddy
  • Had some truly lovely conversations bonding with my Wellesley big sister
  • Sipped wine among the skyscrapers at rooftop bars in midtown
  • Arrived too many places late because I messed up on the subway
  • Saw the editor of the New York Times get grilled at an interview during the New Yorker festival
  • Went out dancing with a burner crew
  • Ate fall-apart brisket sandwiches at Smorgasburg
  • Munched popcorn and watched movie premiers at GenArts festival
  • Visited the Cloisters
  • Drank numerous beers with my old Music@Menlo colleagues, the New York contingent
  • Crawled through Williamsburg bars playing skeeball, pool, and more
  • Ate many $3 pastrami subs at 3am
  • Slow cooked beef and barley stew and watched movies in
  • Came up with a brilliant new business idea
  • Got addicted to the Wire, season 1
  • Celebrated the wedding of Patrick and Karen!
  • Reveled at an underground burlesque-for-the-love-of-it birthday party in Bushwick
  • Visited with countless friends, and been blessed by so many of them generously welcoming me into their beautiful homes. Made friends with all their dogs and cats too. 🙂
Oh New York. Heart. But last night was another late one; I think I need a nap…

UPDATE 10/20/13: More happenings to add to the list! I like it all in one place, as it gives a flavor to all the varied experiences I had in NYC. 🙂

  • Cooked a brilliant batch of penne alla vodka and played kung fu card games
  • Made a guest appearance on the xoxo cooks YouTube cooking show!
  • Walked Greenwich Village and Chelsea
  • Ate a Katz’s deli pastrami sandwich, expensive but worth the hype
  • Ate a Kosser’s bialy, underwhelming. I had such high hopes!
  • Cat-sat and dog-walked
  • Lunched at Google, NYC edition, with Eugene
  • Walked the High Line
  • Waylaid a scientist’s discoveries in favor of a Vietnamese lunch date
  • Played quite possibly the worst game of pool in my life at the diviest bar in Williamburg and had a grand time. Followed by pizza at 3am; some folding may have happened.
  • Had another frustrating night of travel with suspended subway service and an incompetent cabbie
  • Began planning my year in Australia… 
  • Taste tested Haribo gummi bears, ate cheese and the best vegan food ever, and watched a truly ridiculous movie at a girly squasher sleepover
  • Brunched urban camping style on the 14th floor terrace with Wenjun
  • Spent time with some truly fantastic and lovely people… you’re all some of my favorites, and I love you dearly! 😀

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