Leaving no trace? Yeah, about that…

I’ve become more absentminded. Or at least I have more opportunities for things slipping my mind. Namely forgetting *things* behind at various friends’ houses where I’m staying. Leave no trace? 
When traveling in hostels I had a packing system followed more strictly and there was also a defined space I could call my own. Picking everything up isn’t too difficult; it’s easy to identify what is yours. Staying in other people’s homes though I find certain items of mine blending into the normalcy of their things: face wash left in the shower, an umbrella hung next to the front door, a computer charged plug into a power strip. My Aunt Peg used to say when I’d leave things behind at her house in Rhode Island that it just meant that I was coming back. I always liked that thought, but wish my stupid slip-ups weren’t happening!

I’m starting to look forward to Seattle and being in one place–one bed–for longer than just a few nights. It will be nice to settle into my own room and unpack.

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