Walking the High Line

If you’re in search of a good New York City walk, check out the High Line! It runs along the west side of Manhattan from about 13th to 30th on an old railway platform now converted into a rambling park. I started at the southern tip at 13th and walked north to 23rd. Even on an overcast October day it was a delightful walk amidst the city buildings.
Enter the park up through old train station entrance points.

Elements of the old rails are woven into the paths, benches, guardrails, and landscaping. The old raised train track weaves through buildings, offering peek-a-boo views of the river and the NYC skyline. At 3pm on a Wednesday, it was busy… I can only imagine how crowded it might be on the weekends! Wild flowers bloom, trees surround, different spaces are available for resting. It’s a remarkably varied narrow park.

The are vendors of (what I consider) expensive food, drinks, and souvenirs periodically along the walk. Just as I was lamenting the lack of free public water, I found a single drinking fountain. Come on park designers, you can do better than that! After a bit, I found myself a nice spot to sit and catch up on some blogging. 
A travel blogger in her simultaneously always-and-never natural habitat.

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