Thus begins my Great Seattle Sandwich Hunt: Salumi

My happiness is best expressed with salami.
Photography by Decktor.

Oh Sandwiches. How is it possible for you to be so simple, yet so delicious? I love a good sandwich and will go to great lengths for an exceptional one. Favorites of mine dot the country: roast beef with peppers and cheese at Sam La Grassa in Boston (I laughed for *years* at their claim to be the World’s No. 1 Sandwich until I finally had one. Oh. My. God.), Jim Rome or Elvis Kieth at Ike’s Place in San Francisco, or pastrami at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York.

Two years ago, with a plus one coming with me to visit Seattle, I thought I’d branch out from my family and go out to eat. After a little research, I learned that Mario Batali’s family runs a salumeria and sandwich place in Seattle called Salumi. Say what?  How on earth did I miss out on that happening? I shared my discovery with my family but they all already knew, yet no one had told me. WTF family?! Three weeks later, my sister Laura sent me two Salumi salamis for my birthday. 🙂
Since then, I knew a pilgrimage to Salumi was in order. In the shadow of the Smith Tower, this small unassuming shop is known for tasty house-made meats and lines down the block. Their hours make it tricky if you don’t work down near Pioneer Square: Tuesday to Friday 11am-3:30pm, and many sandwiches sell out early (at my visit, the daily special was already gone at 11:45am).

Make-a mine with-a mott-zer-rellah!
Left, from Right, photography by Decktor.

I was accompanied by a fellow sandwich devotee and my visual composer for the day. Standing outside in the bright January sun and feeling a little under the weather with a cold, I placed my hopes in the healing properties of pork. While waiting in line for about twenty minutes, we snacked on free slices of mole and spicy paprika salami and negotiated which sandwiches to order and split. Luckily we were on the same wavelength: Leonetta’s Meatball with mozzarella ($8.50) and Muffo (cotto salami, hot sopressata salami, provolone, and olive tapenade; $9.75).

Time to dig in!
Photography by Decktor.

I started with my half of the meatball sub; it was served hot, dripping with sweet tomato sauce, with sautéed peppers and onions on top and melty mozzarella underneath. The roll was just crispy enough on the outside, substantial enough to hold up to the drippy goodness, yet soft enough to eat easily. Pork meatballs broke apart softly with each bite. I found it all a lovely savory balance, the homey flavors hitting the spot.

Photography by Decktor.

I devoured my portion, licking sauce from my fingers. It completely filled me up, so I took my half Muffo back home for dinner with a cup of tomato soup. I crisped it in the toaster oven, partially melting the cheese. I really dug the olive tapenade and the overall flavor, but wished for an extra helping of salami! I’m still getting up the guts to try their other hot sandwiches: Porchetta (their tribute to pork; looks insane!) and Grilled Lamb. Always good to save something for the next trip.

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