The fundraiser in me reemerges: Help support my travels! :-)

I’ve been turning over in my head ways to generate a little income from my writing. I want to keep complete control over what I write and I want it to stay from the heart. I don’t like the feel of ads and don’t have the massive traffic to make them worthwhile. But still, some money would be incredibly helpful! So I’ve decided to return to my fundraising roots, and openly and gently ask my readers for their support: I just added a “Donate” button to this blog (see it all orange and lovely in the upper right corner above all my selfies?). 
If you have enjoyed my stories and want to help me make more of them, please consider tossing me a few bucks to cover a beer or a bus ticket or a new pair of socks. Think of me as Katniss and you as my live-saving sponsor. 😉 It’s super easy: click the orange Donate button or right here to kick in a little something via Paypal. I would so appreciate it; every bit helps, I promise! And my birthday is coming up… 🙂
Thank you everyone for reading about my adventures. I love sharing them with you. I look forward to many more in the year ahead!

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