Bring on the next adventure: Nepal and India

It feels silly to say I’m taking a holiday from my working holiday, but I am. I originally planned to take a break from my year in Australia in May to return to Seattle for the wedding of two dear friends… and with flights from Asia to the US far cheaper than direct flights from Perth, I was already eyeing an en route holiday.

Enter Henry, who on our very first date described to me his intent for an epic India and beyond solo trip. I visited India in 2007 and have been keen to return in more depth ever since. Cheap flights to Asia from Perth and the possibility of traveling with Henry quickly tempted me… As we spent more time together and his six-week south Asia plan took shape, it wasn’t long before I signed on as his travel companion (I warned him: don’t invite me if you don’t mean it!). Our timing and common interests couldn’t be more perfect as we begin what will surely be an incredible experience.

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