PSA – stories forthcoming!

Hey all, I’ve definitely gotten backlogged on my writing over the past few weeks as my time in Central America draws to a close. But have no fear! I return to San Francisco on Monday, and after a few days of dealing with return logistics I will be getting some more travel tales out. (I’ve already got six in draft form, plus a few more as ideas, but just haven’t had time to polish.) Then I continue my travels in the states, so the stories will continue. Just because I’ll be domestic for the next few months doesn’t meaning the tramping will stop. 😛

To love another person is to see the face of God

Needing escape from the frattyness of my hostel, I decided to go to the movies. After the Oscar party last week I felt I had some catching up to do. Armed with Haribo gummis and Kinder chocolate, I bought a ticket for Les Mis. It brought back memories of seeing it on Broadway during a summer romance trip to NYC years ago. I loved being immersed in the movie’s beautiful anguish, yet ending with bittersweet hope. The lines of feminine sorrow and struggle resonated with me, especially Fantine’s ballad of despair, which sent me to tears.