Among my travels, these are the ones that made the greatest impact on me, or were the ones where I wrote most prolifically! 😉

Nepal and India: March-April 2015

Australia: Oct 2014-present
My current home and curiosity. I live in Fremantle, Western Australia and have been focusing on living a normal life here, seeing what it’s like to be a local. I’ve gotten the chance to explore a bit of WA but hope to see more of this gorgeous country soon.

Central America: February-August 2013
Six months in Central made me fall in love with long-term travel and diving, changing my life forever. With sunny beaches, tasty food, cheap prices, and an easy sociability, Central is where it’s at.

To read more, my Central America trip CliffsNotes is a good place to start.
Find the complete set of posts here.

American West: 2013-2014
While living in Seattle for a year, I took multiple road trips throughout the American West, exploring Washington State, Route 1 along the Pacific Coast, the National Parks of California/Utah/Arizona, and Burning Man. There are incredible treasures in the West!

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