Score! Perhaps the perfect travel book?

One thing I am not want for on this trip is good reading material. I brought a number of great books with me (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, Gardens of the Moon, I Claudius, and a collection of short stories by Nabokov), but what could be a more perfect travel companion than the complete Lord of the Rings series in one handy volume? Just days ago I said if I ever saw it on a book swap shelf I would pounce. Instead I came by my copy via another wonderful Canadian woman I’ve been hanging with (I’ve been utterly steeped in Canadian culture/references/stories the past few days; Canadians are the best!) on the last few days of her six month trip and generous with lightening her pack for my benefit.

I read the series once through long ago but was impatient with Tolkien’s storytelling back then. I have a hunch I am in the perfect place to love it now and was ecstatic to adopt this battered copy. The playa provides…

3 thoughts on “Score! Perhaps the perfect travel book?

  1. I've only watched the first episode of the Masterpiece version, but hear it's some of the best TV ever and look forward to watching the rest of the series. Will probably be all over it once I read the book. That and the extended version of LOTR. 🙂


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