Clearing out of SF

The last two weeks in San Francisco have had truly brilliant elements of fun. Between Nick’s visit, staying with super generous and welcoming friends (Sim, GT, Hil, Austin, Maggie, Aaron, Ben–love and gratitude to you all!), Wellesley min-reunions, birthday parties, and other socializing it’s been wonderful to reconnect with the people here that I love. xoxo ❤

But the biggest reason for me being in San Francisco right now is to move out. I’ve spent days sorting and purging the contents of my storage locker. It contains nearly everything I own and I need to edit it down at least 70% so I can drive the stuff that really matters up to Seattle to store there. I’ve squeezed some money out of selling books/household items (hit my sales target!) and made disappointingly very little money via used clothing (such a waste of time to even try). Each time I make a sale, I think “this will buy me x beers in Australia!”. It’s exhausting, but I try to stay optimistic because I have so few other ways to make money. The other day, after a few hours of storage work, I plunked myself down and thought “whew, what is this horrific feeling? Oh my god, I’m fatigued because I’ve working! This sucks…”

San Francisco has been my home, but it’s time to get the hell out.

My work cut out for me.

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